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? >> in society we are hearing religion is fading out, but there is still this enormous hundred people have for the source material. you may be frustrated with religion, but do not take it out for god. we just saw that with the catholic church, this huge attention around the catholic enclave. more attention than we have seen in a long time. just secos organized religion has gone for a long time -- just because organized religion has gone for a long time goes on the people have lost the desire. you have to adapt. you have to respond to the questions people have. there is a correlation between families. we live in this time of more fluidity in religious identity than we have seen in thousands of years. half of americans have changed faith in the course of their lives. 40% of americans are in interfaith marriages. we no longer take religious identity from their parents. what is going on, and they want answers. the answers are no longer just passed on from generation to generation. it is harder for people. if you force your own identity, it can be more personal. admit answering questions and ad
. there are wonderful activities going on by all of the world's major religions right now including the evangelical churches to say this is a moral and religious issue, okay. from our worldview, from our standpoint, this is crucial both because we were commanded by god in genesis to till and tend the garden, to care for his creation which when he created he kept telling us, "it is good." okay, it is our responsibility they would say to take care of his creation, and that the kinds of things that we are currently doing to the planet are essentially violating that promise. but moreover, we're also seeing the theme of social justice, that we've been commanded, they would say, to take care of the least of these -- the poor, the sick, the powerless both in our own country and around the world. and many churches, in fact, have invested enormous resources, i mean, sending their young people abroad to do great works to try to help people who desperately need that help. their argument would be how can we in good conscience ignore a problem that's just going to push millions of more people around the world i
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2